Organic Cotton Australian Made Fabric

Certton Organic Fabric. Since 2004 we have focused our energy on providing customers with the world’s finest organic jersey knits whilst maintaining our core belief of true sustainable and ethical practices. Certton fabric has a highly regarded reputation in the as a premium knitted jersey fabric using 100% organic certified yarn, dyestuffs, and manufacturing processes in Australia.

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T-Shirt Screen Printing

Screenprinting is a classic and lasting way to print T-shirts. It is the most popular way to decorate t shirts. To create a screen printed T-shirt, we separate each colour in your design into individual screens. Automated or manual machinery is then used in screen printing to overlay your chosen ink colour on to individual screens. The end result is your custom completed design. It’s a bit more intricate than that but you get the idea. More colours = more screens and more screens = more time + cost.

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Stanley Stella Australia Distributore

Meet Stanley and Stella, a young and exciting brand that offers the greatest colour palette available in fabrics. With endless possibilities, Stanley and Stella is the leader in stripes, denim washes and vintage looks. Using soft organic fabrics that can be turned into fabulous singlets, tanks, tees, polos, sweats and hoodies.

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Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable manufacturing also enhances employee, community, and product safety.

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